Bike In Style With The Dappercap

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Let’s face the facts: a helmet is not exactly fashionable. Even as an avid bicyclist, I’ve chosen to forgo one several times for the sake of vanity. But Catherine Bedford and Graham Parker, the founders of Dappercap, have done the impossible by creating an attractive and functional helmet whose “design is as individual as the clothes that we wear.”

The idea was born one day after Bedford and Parker realized how beautiful hand-made bikes were. From leather saddles to unique designs, bikes come in all different shapes and sizes – but what about helmets? Most of the time, they are bulky, ugly and heavy.

The Dappercap, however, is as functional as it is fashionable. Unlike a standard helmet, it is made from 90% carbon – making it lightweight, yet strong. Dappercaps have been tested to European standards, and are made by hand in the UK, using only the highest-quality material. The moleskin finish, for example, gives the cap a luxurious finish in one of four colors – but don’t worry. No moles were harmed in the making.

Functionally, the helmets offer bikers protection and comfort at the same time. The 7 vents, positioned at the top of the helmet, are designed to help channel air flow. There is also an interchangeable wool band that functions as a customizable element. By swapping one colored band for another, cyclists can easily update their look, anywhere they go.

Although, the Dappercap is nearing the end of its campaign on Kickstarter, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve been biking for years now and in the process, I’ve come across a large variety of different helmet styles. Yet, none have intrigued me enough to actually consider purchasing them. Most of the time, bikers must choose between functionality and aesthetics. Now you don’t have to with the Dappercap. There’s finally a way to stay safe, and actually look cool doing it.