FUGU LUGGAGE Transforms From A Carry-On To Check-In Bag

Whenever we travel, one vital question always arises: Do we take the carry-on or opt for a larger suitcase to check-in? The predicament is unsettling – you have too much to pack for an itty-bitty bag, yet too little to fill an entire suitcase. So in a vain effort to save money, you attempt to cram the contents of your closet into the carry-on, even calling in reinforcement to force it close.

Sound familiar? If you answered yes, the FUGU LUGGAGE is the solution to all your travel woes.

Made from durable, hi-quality materials, the FUGU LUGGAGE is designed with the modern traveler in mind. We all have our reasons to travel, but this revolutionary suitcase will make it that much easier to navigate from the place to the next – whether you’re on a vacation, a weeklong business trip or an extended international visit.

The ingenious technology is the first of its kind. Similar to how a Fugu (puffer) fish can expand its body, the FUGU LUGGAGE can change its size – transforming from the maximum regulation sized carry-on to the maximum regulation sized check-in. With the simple press of a button, a built-in electric pump will inflate the FUGU LUGGAGE’s sidewalls. Alternatively, travelers can also breathe into a tube or use an external pump to create the same effect.

But the suitcase is versatile just as much as it’s innovative. “Spinner wheels”, which enable the FUGU to turn a full 360 degrees, make it easy to drag and push around. Furthermore, it incorporates collapsible, built-in shelves that keep your belongings organized throughout your journey, and provide you with enough space to hang clothing. When expanded, it can also double as a makeshift table – just in case you need a temporary stand or a surface for your laptop to rest on.

For all these reasons (and much more), the FUGU LUGGAGE is an ideal travel companion. With over 1,000 backers on Kickstarter, and close to $400,000 in funding, it is well on its way to becoming the next travel trend. No longer do you have to sit on your suitcase ever again.

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FUGU LUGGAGE Transforms From A Carry-On To Check-In Bag  - Clapway