January Offers Cheapest Prices for Flights

Ticket prices rise and fall, though it’s generally more of the former these days – or so it seems. However, there are specific times of the year when scoring that dream plane ticket to a vacation destination can offer a little bit of comfort for your bank account. January is generally one of the cheapest months of the year to fly, as it is considered a dead zone for the majority of major airlines.

A dead zone is typically a period of time when most airlines are in their off-peak periods, which generally begin once Christmas and New Year’s flights have ceased service. Everyone is either home for the holiday or already at their destination for an extended period of time. This allows everyone else to get their hands on tickets at a reduced price.

The dead zone period within January typically begins on the 7th or 8th and ends sometime in mid-February. Precise dates for a dead zone period can vary between each airline, so it pays to take the time and check the various offerings from each company before booking a plane ticket to your destination. Unfortunately, the period doesn’t last well into Valentine’s Day, as ticket prices tend to start their rise around this time, just about the same time spring break kicks off for major colleges around the country. Valentine’s Day, especially when it falls on a weekend like it does this coming year, will see an increase in both flights and hotels; flying mid-week or on another weekend could be beneficial to your wallet. Most airlines will want to take advantage of this period, and travelers will thus see prices skyrocket quickly.

However, just because there is a dead period doesn’t mean all destinations will be cheap. USA Today reports there are numerous locations, specifically those with warm weather, that can be quite expensive. So, if you’re looking to explore Hawaii or the Caribbean, expect to pay a great deal more than another dream destination.

Don’t fret, though: There are still good deals remaining, especially throughout Florida, if you’re specifically looking for warmer weather during the cold months.