iConvert® Scanner: Print Photos Right From Your iPad | Gear Review

How many pictures do you have just waiting to be printed from your iPad, while that folder keeps growing and growing? You keeping telling yourself that you’ll print them soon, but due to the extremely inconvenient process required for achieving such a task, you’ve put off the entire endeavor. Well, now you can finally print all those photos from your iPad using the most amazing and user-friendly printing product that requires practically no effort.

The iConvert® Scanner is a great way to print out all of those pictures you’ve taken on your travels or daily adventures. This ingenious little invention scans photos directly from your iPad or iPad 2, and prints them out right before your eyes. Thus, the iConvert® Scanner essentially eliminates the process of having to send your picture files from your iPad to another device like your desktop. There’s also no need to transfer images onto your USB or SD card (or any other inconvenient method you would otherwise have to utilize for the end result).

The iConvert® Scanner allows you to print your photos in the most beautiful way technology has provided from the most futuristic looking product on the printing market. This device is beautifully designed and easy to use, making all other forms of image conversion from your iPad to be printed—obsolete. It can print a wide range of photo sizes by adjusting the feeder. It also allows you to easily scan a photograph directly onto your iPad. Although image conversion is its best feature, it’s perfect for printing and scanning documents of all types.

The iConvert® Scanner is sure to advance the printing industry and probably change the way we print photographs from our mobile devices in the future. You can find the iConvert® Scanner at your local Brookstone or various online distributors. Start your long-overdue photo album today!