Instructables: Dominating the DIY Industry | Gear Review

Although technology has drastically made many different products and industries obsolete, the Internet has been the driving force and probably the most positive result of technological advancement. Over the years, the Internet has grown and continues to provide people with the luxury of instantaneous information. Though much of it is useless, it offers people the chance to learn a vast amount of knowledge at lightening speeds. One of the most influential elements of the Internet is the “Do It Yourself” or DIY industry, powered by many large platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube.

With each passing day, there arises a new and advanced platform on the DIY market providing people with many different locations on the Internet to learn various tricks and trades. One of these DIY platforms is a website called instructables. Instructables is a place where anyone can go to learn how to create random things that may satisfy their curiosity and maybe even make their life easier. This website is the benchmark for inspiring creativity and innovation so that many can constructively create or invent things that may solve their problems and may just change their outlook on life.

In my reviews, I usually offer my opinions on various products created by interesting companies who offer their consumers a solution to a common problem. Instructables is a place where many can go to learn and be inspired to create things and solve their own problems. This site can potentially inspire a new generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and future companies. It’s a great thing to go out and buy a product that solves a problem in your life, making life much easier, but it is an even better thing when you can create something yourself that solves your problems. We were designed to create things and more people should get into the habit of doing so—instructables offers people this opportunity.

Instructables is one of many DIY sites, but a very special one that offers a wide variety of “life hacks” which might make you realize you really only need your own creativity and imagination to solve your problems. If people would spend their time more wisely and create things that would benefit not just themselves but others as well we would all get along just fine and continue to advance technology and humanity alike. And if you think that’s interesting, check out instructables restaurant!