The North Face: Tents for Every Adventure | Gear Review

The North Face, is a company known for its well-made and extremely comfortable outerwear like their fleece jackets and bubble coats. Most people wouldn’t associate this company with outdoor tents, but The North Face offers an array of tent options for users of all kinds.

The North Face offers a wide variety of tents for various outdoor activities and weather conditions. Their tent selection ranges from one-person tents to four-person tents, which provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for travelers of all needs. These tent options give consumers the flexibility to choose the perfect tent that fits their individual needs.

Although, The North Face offers standard tent sizes for various outdoor adventures, their biggest and most luxurious tent is their 2-Meter Dome. The 2-Meter Dome is capable of sheltering a maximum capacity of eight people at one time. This unique tent encapsulates the uncommon hemisphere shape with a more natural and aerodynamic structure, allowing it to withstand windy conditions better than traditional tents.

The 2-Meter Dome provides users with convenient features that make outdoor camping as comfortable as possible. Some specific features that make the 2-Meter Dome tent a great addition to your outdoor adventures are, the two exterior windows which allow users to quickly see the outdoor conditions and provides easy access to the ambiance existing outside the tent. The chimney vent, which allows proper airflow, letting heat naturally exit and air naturally enter the tent to avoid overheating and create a breathable environment.

The Dome also features interior canopy loops and even dual doors, which provide users with easy access in and out of the tent. The outer cover provides an additional layer of protection from the rain and other weather conditions. This spacious tent has an area of 125 feet and despite its size, only weights a grand total of 47 pounds.

The North Face provides consumers with a vast selection of tents that are perfect for all users and capture the image of this wildly popular outerwear company. Next time you are thinking about purchasing an outdoor tent for your awesome camping adventure check out The North Face—you might find something you’ll love.

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