Commuter’s Worst Nightmare: MTA Fare Prices Are Rising Again

What we all have been dreading is finally here. Today, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board of directors held a meeting, where it was decided that base fares would increase on both subways and buses.

Single Ride fares will be raised from $2.50 to $2.75, Weekly Pass will be raised from $30 to $31 and 30-Day Monthly will be raised from $112 to $116.50 – unfortunately, this is not including the $1 fee for a new Metrocard.

The MTA has been raising fare prices yearly as a part of their future plans for revenue growth. They are also are being raised in order to pay for all the repairs and updates being made on the tracks and stations. Buses and subways are not the only ones with fares rising. Additional fare increases were approved for Long Island Railroad, as well as Metro-North Railroad; it is also possible that bridge and tunnel tolls will be raised as well.

According to the MTA chairman, Thomas F. Prendergast, the newest fare hikes fairly modest and will be used to balance out the MTA’s budget by prevent rising costs of providing services. It is safe to assume fare prices will continue to increase steadily, and perhaps by more than just twenty-five cent increments.

The MTA has received a considerable amount of backlash from commuters every time the fares are raised. It is becoming harder for many to pay for their Metrocards, especially when they are already struggling. Commuters are stuck when it comes to the MTA because there is no other cheaper alternative for transportation. Countless numbers of people are attempting to increase their wages to be able to pay for transportation – to their jobs.

This is a year of record-breaking numbers of people using the buses and subways. Meaning, regardless of fares rising, the MTA’s revenue will increase either way. The only up side to the fare hikes, at this point, is that the pay-per-ride Metrocard bonuses will increase from 5% to 11% – only for those who put at least $5.50 on their card.

In the meantime, commuters should prepare themselves. The new fares for subway and buses will go into effect on March 22nd.