Hotel Tonight’s Dazzling New Discount Features

There’s one struggle that all travelers can relate to, way before they get the chance to pack their suitcase. And that struggle is, trying to ensure themselves the best hotel room during their stay in accordance with their budget. These days, it’s not out of the ordinary to do all of this online through various companies offering discounted rates, and half the time via your smartphone while you’re on the go. Among these
companies, Hotel Tonight has made its reputation and thus stood apart for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they’re strictly a mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms. Second, they pride themselves on the axiom of getting you the most affordable hotel rooms at the very last-minute and don’t restrict you in terms of having to book immediately. Hotel Tonight seeks to further add to that reputation with their announcement today of two new features.

In an earlier press release, Hotel Tonight announced that these features would now be available through their app: Rate Drop and Bonus Rate. The Rate Drop feature is in line with their approach to last-minute deals, specifically offering the user the chance to get low rates if they book that same day beginning at 3 P.M. The caveat to that is, the feature only applies to one particular city you are searching for rooms in & nowhere else. The second feature, the Bonus Rate, looks to entice users to find sharply discounted room rates to their liking up to seven days ahead.It’s also designed to have users look at rooms in other partner cities to get the best deal as well, for instance, the app user may see room rates that are lower in Philadelphia as a way to possibly compel the them to consider a trip there as opposed to going to D.C. where the rates may not be as budget friendly. The San Francisco-based company claims that users could see rates drop up to 40 percent off their normal price and that these features allow their hotel partners the flexibility to both offer these rates and be more specific about who they can offer them to.

The Rate Drop feature is available at all Hotel Tonight partner destinations in the U.S. and around the world, while the Bonus Rate feature is available for these cities today – New York City, Boston, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Baltimore, San Diego, Orlando, Palm Springs, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Monterrey and Orange County along with London and Paris. The remaining Hotel Tonight cities will have the feature available over the next few weeks.