Hyatt Goes Hip With New ‘Centric’ Brand

In a bid to appeal to what it calls “the modern explorer,” Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has announced a new brand called Hyatt Centric, a “lifestyle” hotel chain designed to appeal to both business and leisure travelers.

The brand, the sixth Hyatt has launched since 2006, is set to make its debut this summer with about 15 locations in New York, Paris, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and other metropolitan areas.

With Hyatt Centric, the company has joined other major hotel chains that have created lifestyle or boutique brands to appeal to a specific niche of traveler, one who values design, the availability of the latest technology and culinary experiences. Hilton Hotels recently launched Canopy; InterContinental Hotels Group has acquired Kimpton, one of the largest boutique hotel chains in the world; and Best Western will soon launch Vib.

Hyatt says its Centric brand will stand out from the crowd.

“A very important group of travelers is looking for any experience we feel we can fulfill,” Mark Hoplamazian, Hyatt’s CEO and President, said at the recent American Lodging Investment Summit.

Hyatt Centric will be appealing to “modern explorers,” Hoplamazian said, travelers in their 20s and 30s whose purchasing power is expected to grow exponentially.

“The modern explorers are truly a savvy, curious group,” said Kristine Rose, Hyatt’s vice-president of brands. “Their expectations are simple, but their standards are high … they want options and all the must-haves from a full service hotel, but without any fuss or complications.”

One of the key elements that will distinguish Hyatt Centric from its other brands is that the design, artwork, furniture and food and beverage will reflect the locale where it’s located. Also, room service will be a “knock ‘n drop service”: Guests can order food and a bag of it will be delivered. The Corner Library will be a fixture in each Centric, a place to work, socialize or read magazines, and guests will be able to order what they want online, “but still enjoy human interaction.”

“There is no substitute for a live conversation with someone who can tell you firsthand about that interesting café you found on your smartphone,” Rose said.