Specialty Bar, Open For 1-Week, Has 38,000 People Signing Up For A Visit

The city of London, England always seems to be a wellspring for the interesting, the eclectic and sometimes, the most eccentric offerings around. One recent announcement will undoubtedly be welcomed into that last category.

In a crafty response, no doubt aimed at the rise of specialty bars that feature such items as cereal as their core menu along with other cafes designed with animals in mind, a joint venture will bring a new bar to the Soho district featuring…owls. Annie The Owl will be the name of the establishment, where patrons can imbibe specialty cocktails in the midst of a group of owls, each with their own name and intriguing personality. Annie The Owl is the result of a collaboration between the bar and Locappy, a UK-based company whose app is designed to help those people there find their nearest pub in a few clicks. The Glouchestershire Barn Owl Centre, an organization that is dedicated to the conservation of barn owls and other birds of prey at the risk of extinction, will also receive donations from the project.

Gaining entry to Annie The Owl will be done by visiting their website and signing up. To date, 38,000 people have signed up thus far. Guests will then be selected by random ballot. Consequently, the invited guests will then pay US$30 for themselves and a plus one to enter the bar space. This includes a two-hour stay and two drinks. The drink menu boasts such items as the Owl-Presser Martini, and ‘The Hoot’. The highlight of the night, however, will be those several owls in attendance. There’s Annie, who the bar will be named after and one owl named Darwin who’s reputed to be able to consume up to 1,000 mice a year. There’s even an owl that’s cloaked in mystery who goes by the name Hootie – according to the site, she’s a finalist in the World Owl Beauty Pageant. All of the owls will be handled by highly trained falconers to ease the minds of those guests that will be wondering if the owls will get too frisky.

Annie’s Owl Bar will be open for one week only, from March 19 through the 25th. It promises to be a hoot for both locals and tourists alike. All proceeds will go towards the Barn Owl Centre.