New Health App For Travelers Will Ensure A Relaxing Vacation

Traveling is quickly becoming easier and safer with the introduction of new, advanced technologies. My Travel Health, for example, is an iOS mobile application recently released by Travel Health and Wellness LLC., that offers international travelers a way to safeguard their health conditions before, during, and after travel.

The new app is convenient and user-friendly, allowing travelers will to lessen the risk of contracting a disease while exploring. Surely, travelers would want to make better use of their time sightseeing, shopping, and leisurely enjoy their time relaxing rather than being sick.

So how does this app work?
The app currently features lists of related health concerns for 200 international travel destinations. Simply browse your destination and press the “Add This to My Trips” button. Fill out a few facts about yourself and you can get health tips and recommendations. Valuable information will then appear after selecting the place where you will go.

1. My Trips:  Once users save their destinations to the “My Trip” section of the app, they can find important details of their location, including its background information, health and vaccinations tips, safety alerts, embassy information, and a to-do/ a packing list. The ‘Embassy’ option aids travelers in finding the nearest local health information and assistance by providing links to the destination’s embassy.


2. Health: includes travel information licensed from the Mayo Clinic, such as tips for common travel-related illnesses and recommended vaccinations.

3. Fitness: has demonstrations of simple exercises that can be done while traveling, as well as safe travel recommendations for pregnant women and people with serious medical illnesses. The app also lets users store immunization records, the contact information of the user’s doctor, list of allergies, medical information, and health insurance information.

4. My Stuff: lets the users store customized items with pictures, including pictures of your passport, visa and driver’s license.