TripAdvisor’s Fourth Annual “Travelers’ Choice” Awards Highlight Top Travel Products

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, announced its Travel Favorites today in the fourth annual Travelers’ Choice awards.

The online travel adviser highlighted the top products and services that contribute to a perfect trip. Winners were chosen from around the globe, and top products from Canada, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S., were recognized in dozens of categories, including airline, transportation applications, luggage, GPS device, rental car agency, and outerwear.

Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor, spoke in favor of the event, citing that all award-winning products are voted on by the site’s community of active travelers and will reach over 300 million people. These “must-haves” are often the cue for many companies to expand their product lines among satisfied customers and provide incentive to tailor their brand, niche or price range according to this awards’ results.

Here are the results: Travelers’ Choice Favorites
The top 74 category winners in the U.S. are listed on TripAdvisor’s blog. Travelers’ Choice favorites included some consistent favorites, which top their category each year since the awards’ inauguration in 2012. Among the winners of the most prominent categories were Canon for consistent picture quality and storage space under Compact Digital Camera, Bose for light and durable earbuds under “Headphones”, and Lonely Planet for the most comprehensive and informative guidebook. Speedo took the Swimwear award and OFF! won best Insect Repellant, possibly in a joint summer theme; and Samsonite continues to produce the best suitcases and other baggage accessories under Luggage.

Band-Aid won the best adhesive bandage, Benadryl was chosen as best allergy medicine, Halls was awarded for best cough drops, Visine was considered as the best eyedrops, while Listerine was chosen for the best mouthwash. In the grooming category, Gillette was awarded for the best Razor, Oral-B won for the best toothbrush, Colgate was considered as the best toothpaste, and Burt’s Bee was chosen as the best lip balm.

For complete list of winners, please click here.

Award methodology:
Online surveys were offered in all countries with a TripAdvisor affiliate, asking asked local travelers to select their favorite brands from among dozens of products in each category. 188,198 TripAdvisor users worldwide gave their input, including 61,470 travelers from the United States.