Jan Wyck’s Painting To Be Restored To Its Former Splendor

A unique painting by the famous Dutch painter, Jan Wyck, is scheduled to be restored in Malahide Castle. Due to the sheer size of the piece, titled Battle of the Boyne, the National Gallery in Ireland has decided to return the painting to its original state before moving it.

Battle of the Boyne shows a panoramic record of the biggest war ever fought on Irish land. It was finished three years after the big battle between Catholic King James II and Protestant King William III in the year 1690.

For the past 40 years, this majestic painting, which measures more than three meters long and over two meters high, has been hanging on the impressive walls of the dining room in Malahide Castle, North County Dublin. The estate has a an interesting history; 14 members, belonging to the family of Talbot, died in the sorrowful battle with the Catholic Jacobites. Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnel, then raised an army to restore James II to the British throne; thus, the Talbot family built and now owns the renowned castle where the painting currently resides.

As part of the Decade of Centenaries commemorations, the director of the gallery, Mr. Sean Rainbird, suggested for the painting to be renovated. It will be needed for next year’s landmark exhibition in Ireland, but will return to the art gallery for a period of time after its restoration. It will also be showcased as one of the biggest art works for a 2016 exhibition: “Creating the History: Stories of Ireland.”

As soon as the restoring process of the painting is done, art experts will carefully take the painting from the frame and will roll it up and out of the castle doors, moving it temporarily to the National Gallery. Two experts in conservation are currently working full-time on the project, funded by the William E Connor Foundation. The good news is that visitors can still drop by to take a quick look at Jan Wyck’s piece.