Rent Out And Become The Mayor Of Entire Hungarian Village

Mayor Kristof Pajer, in a genius move, has started renting out the entire village of Megyer in Hungary. This is, no doubt, a push for tourism, but strangely enough, the decision is working wonders as Megyer is already booked solid through half of the year.

Renters from all over the world come to Megyer in order to claim what is now a piece of history, and for a mere $760.15 a day, this easily beats a trip to any theme park. Although, some critics have poked fun at the idea, this has not deterred  thousands of people that are interested in residency. In fact, if the village continues to keep up its current momentum, it’s expected that Megyer could be rented out year round.

The population of the village is only 18, and it is located a respectable distance from Budapest, if travelers are interested. Amenities also include 7 guest houses, over 10 acres of farmland with animals, and travel by bus. The bus stop, for some, is truly the icing on the cake, since a few of the major cities in the world lack competent transportation. If guests choose to, they can also rename the streets of the village during residency, and receive a replica of a street sign on departure.

But tourists are not the only ones that can rent. In fact, the opportunity is also open to large companies. Megyer, for example, could be a very welcome addition to the itinerary for a company trip, as opposed to the massive costs of renting out several hotel rooms. In addition, entire families can also save and rent out the village for a family reunion, wedding reception or honeymoon if they wish. The possibilities are endless, and no doubt, Mayor Kristof Pajer realizes he is sitting on a potential goldmine.

But travelers should act quick. With the current publicity surrounding the place, there is a good chance that someone will want to come in and buy it outright – though that would break a myriad of laws.