Secret Video Game In A London Fountain

There’s a lot of people out there who can trace their obsession with playing games on their mobile phone to one culprit: Snake. While the game itself was born in arcades during the late 1970’s, it found new life when it was installed on phones produced by the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia beginning in 1997. Yes, Snake was the game to fritter away your time with way before Candy Crush was even a concept. To that end, those who recall the game will be amazed at a new fact involving a popular public fixture in London, England.

For Londoners, they can now relive those harried moments of trying to gain a high score in Snake using the fountains located at King’s Cross Granary Square. The Fountain Workshop, the development team behind the game is also responsible for the design of the fountains located there. The group are partners in the efforts to fully revitalize the central London neighborhood. King’s Cross has seen major changes going back to the mid-1990’s when it was an area rife with ‘red-light district’ activities, to its present day status as a major culture and transportation hub that attracts citizens and travelers by the hundreds. For those wishing to play, they first have to get the Granary Squirt app either via iTunes or the Google Play store, free of charge. Then they’ll make their way to the Granary Square fountains, and after opening the app, they’ll be informed of their starting position in the fountain and be given other identifying information for their ‘snake’. Then they play, pointing their smartphone at the fountains to move the snake in the directions they need to. For a better idea, check out the video below:

This charming feature of the Granary Squirt fountains was first made public by Time Out London, but the app has been available since June of last year. Those looking to play can do so daily from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. local time. The Fountain Workshop isn’t content with the recent whirlwind of popularity; their hopes are to make more games available for play within the fountains in the near future. It’s certain to ensure that the Granary Square fountains will be a hotspot to capture the gaming hearts of Londoners and visitors alike for some while.