New Electric Velomobile Is Now For Sale

The MaxxVelo velomobile is a one of a kind electric vehicle that is half bicycle and half car; it can be peddled, moved via a throttle, or even an electric peddle to get the driver from point A to point B.

The Velomobile is made by Michael White from Austin, Texas and is currently the only one in existence, although it was originally meant to be the first in a line of electric assist vehicles. The process to create one, however, required so much effort that White is not currently interested in creating more.

The vehicle that is on sale can be purchased for a mere $4,900. It is made from an aluminum frame of 5052 tubing that is covered by body panels, also made of aluminum, that are riveted onto the frame. It weighs 123 pounds or 56 kilograms and using throttle only; its top speed is close to 30 miles per hour.

Furthermore, the motor is 1,200 watts in power, sits under the vehicle’s rear wheel, and uses a 48 volt 20 Ah lithium-iron phosphate battery pack. In addition, the little car comes with a seven speed rear derailleur, as well as rearview mirrors, and has a small area for cargo. It also has a retractable canopy that sports a Lexan windshield.

But White isn’t the only making electric velomobiles. For instance, there is the ELF, a three wheeled part bike – part automobile, that is solar powered with an electric assist to run it. The ELF is featured on a Kickstarter campaign made by Organic Transit, the company trying to obtain the necessary funding to build it. According to the promotion, the vehicle is good for those who want to commute short distances to conduct errands or just to cruise around town sightseeing – maybe, even for the every day delivery person.

The ELF is powdered by pedals on the floor, but also receives a boost from its electric motor in order to go up hills. It features turn signals, mirrors, and lights, has some cargo space and can travel via a road bike lane. It uses a lithium battery pack, has a range of 30 miles and is legally considered a bike, so can be ridden anywhere a bike is permitted.