Find Your Inner Zen at Morikami Japanese Garden

Winter on the east coast of the US has still not surrendered its icy grasp, but if you are in the US, in southern Florida, there is a wonderful Japanese bamboo garden that has been gaining some notoriety as of late and is the perfect place to find your inner zen. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach is an exquisite location for those who wish to indulge in scenic and traditional Japanese garden.

The garden’s history is that it was named after a man named George Morikami, who was a Japanese immigrant in 1905 in Palm Beach. He was a member of the Yamato colony, a farming community in those times. The colony collapsed, but Morikami ended up staying in the area. Eventually, his property was donated, and became the Morikami Garden that it is today.

At the museum on the property, there are films and exhibits that tell of Morikami’s story. There is also a teahouse that serves tea and bento boxes for $14-$17. There are also yearly events and exhibitions such as clay forming and learning of Japanese design as well as classes for kids, family tours, and a summer camp in the summer months. There is also the ability to rent out the park for those with enough financial credit to do so. But $15 for adults ($13 for seniors and $9 for children) will let you into the park Tuesday through Sunday at 10am-5pm. General admission will allow you to check out the many beautiful gardens on the property, including the bonsai collection, and the main garden, named Roji-en.

“Roji-en: Garden of the Drops of Dew”, as it is known, was designed by designer Hoichi Kurisu. The garden, which is separated into 6 gardens, was inspired by actual gardens in Japan. Featuring benches to sit on, panoramic water sites, and Japanese statues, rocks, and plants, it is a place where park-goers can enjoy stoic moments of reprieve, and tranquil states of meditation.

On the website for the garden, it states in the about us section that the park’s goal is “to provide authentic
Japanese cultural experiences that 
entertain, educate and inspire.” If you happen to be in southern Florida and needing a break or a place to quietly meditate, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens park seems like a great place to go to. Banzai!