AirBnB’s Ski-Jump Penthouse In Oslo

The popular and sometimes controversial lodging rental company AirBnB has raised the stakes of their latest contest to new heights once again.

The company’s United Kingdom division has announced the closing of their recent contest that would give guests a night’s stay within a penthouse perched atop the apex of a ski jump that is one of Norway’s greatest sights. The contest promotion, entitled ‘Ski in, zip line out’ invited AirBnB guests to head to the contest page to submit an essay entry of 100 words as to why they should be chosen to spend a night at the Holmenkollen. The Holmenkollen is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions, located in the Vestre Aker suburb of Oslo;the ski jump and the hill it rests on is named the Holmenkollbakken. The site itself has been there, throughout 18 different renovations, since 1892. Holmenkollen has also been home to three World Championships and was part of the 1952 Winter Olympic Games held in Oslo. The complex is also home to a full-fledged ski museum that first opened its doors in 1923.

The contest gives the winner and their guest the chance to get in some cross-country skiing on the grounds’ 932 miles of snow. They’ll also have access to the Vinterpark Ski Resort nearby. After a day full of snow and access to the museum, they’ll take the lift up to the specially-built apartment perched right at the top of the jump – 1,184 feet in the air. The guests will then spend their night resting in the penthouse apartment that not only features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but will also include a full kitchen, a half-bathroom and free wi-fi access. The loft was constructed to rest within the same place from where skiers launch themselves for their jumps. Part of the allure also lies in the majestic views of Oslo afforded by being up so high, as well as the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Once the night passes, the winner and their guest can opt to take the lift back down or ride the zip-line back down if they want to cap the experience off with a thrill. The winners are slated to stay at Holmenkollen on March 26th and 27th.