Sony Releases Playstation Vue Today In 3 Cities

In select markets, gaming mega company Sony has released its new streaming service called PlayStation Vue. Releasing only in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia thus far, the new streaming service has PlayStation users goggling over its features, which could eradicate the need for a TV subscription all together. With 50 channels, including CBS, FOX and NBC, PlayStation users will now be able to stream all these and potentially more for $49.99 a month on the basic package.

For those of us ready to cut ties with major television providers, the PlayStation Vue streaming service allows users more customizability in what they watch and interact with. One feature that is available to Vue users is live television as well as cloud VR media, allowing users access to live streaming as well as on-demand.

The service is geared towards gamers and the younger demographic. It is available in three tiers of $50, $60, and $70. Some of the the channels provided are as follows: TNT, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN, and Comedy Central in tier 1, YES, Comcast SportsNet Chicago and Philadelphia, and Big Ten and other sports options in tier 2, and more expanded cable options like FXM and Sprout in tier 3. Sony, however, has yet to strike a deal with Disney’s ABC and ESPN. You can find out more information of what channels are offered here.

The PlayStation Vue service is a new contender in a television free “revolution.” Customers have the choice of many options about which web-based TV service they would like to go with, including internet media behemoth Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Dish Network, and HBO and others. Those still stuck with regular cable providers are usually shelling out around $90 a month in basic packages compared to the much more affordable options listed.

The service debuted as a private invite only beta in November but is now running a 7-day free trial for customers in the three cities. It is believed that Apple will possibly strike a deal with Sony, bringing the Vue service to the iPad, although Apple in the future might be planning their own streaming service, with talks of being offered for $30 and $40 per month.