Rio de Janeiro Celebrates Its 450th On A Bus Tour

For Rio de Janeiro’s 450th anniversary, which is taking place this year, a free bus ride, also known as the Circuito Cultural Rio Onibus, will be offered in March on the third and fourth Sundays of the month.

The bus ride will take visitors to see many of the cultural hotspots that Rio de Janeiro has to offer, including the Preto Novos Institute, the MAR museum, and the National History Museum. Riders will also have the option of entering or exiting the bus tour at any of these points with no fees.

As a part of this tour, visitors have the privilege of seeing various exhibitions, which include Russian painter Kandinsky’s work, a photo collection of over 450 photos depicting Rio as it has progressed over the years, and even a special showing of the plans behind the Porto Maraviha (meaning marvelous port) development for the city’s birthday celebrations.

Tourism students will also have the chance to help with the bus tours and will be able to give visitors information as well as guidance while they are viewing all of the different exhibitions and presentations. While enjoying the museums and the artwork, the students will give the visitors the extra cultural insight that will make the overall experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Other attractions that will take place during Rio’s 450th anniversary celebration include concerts, such as the Villa-Lobos orchestra; the Rio de Janeiro Zoo’s 70th anniversary, and their new Rio 450 library. With so much to choose from, there is sure to be plenty of fun to be had.

Part of Rio’s biggest focus during this joyful time is to emphasize the city’s culturally rich history. For example, few know that Rio received its name as the result of an accident. Rio, meaning river, obtained its name when Portuguese explorers, in the middle of a recognition project, mistook what is now known as Guanabara Bay for a river.

As part of the organization process for this year, Rio has created its own 450 committee. They have given a preliminary calendar of events for the whole year of 2015 and through to March 1st of 2016. The majority of the events are being scheduled for March of this year. The reasoning behind this is that March is the actual anniversary month of Rio de Janeiro. As such, there are planned themes for each week of the month with different activities and events.

There will also be plenty of different celebrations held for different parts of Rio throughout the year. For example, in July, they will celebrate their children as it’s their vacation from school; in October, gifts will be given by the city’s inhabitants to celebrate their beloved city, and in November and December, the people of Rio will remember and honor their African heritage.

Rio is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and with so many different places to explore and things to do, there is no shortage of activities for all to take part in. Congratulations Rio de Janeiro; Happy 450th!