Garden of the Year Captivates You

Africa, Cape Town, houses one of the most renowned botanical gardens in the world, in Kirstenbosc, and they now have tangible proof of it. The fantastic Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens won the award for the World’s Garden of the Year at the 2015 International Garden Tourism Awards. These awards are presented to the gardens that distinguish themselves above their competition and that provide fantastic tourism experiences to its visitors.

In Kirstenbosch’s case, their botanical gardens have been a fantastic source of tourism for many years and are very popular with both locals and visitors alike. There are always new attractions being added to their gardens, and there are also great opportunities to see all of the different flowers that South Africa has to offer.

Kirstenbosch also has a mission with its botanical gardens. It strives to maintain and protect the flora from all of the different areas in South Africa. It acts in this way as a reserve for all of the different species and types of flowers found in this region. Among them are sugar-brushes, cycads, heaths, and pincushions, as well as many other types of plants and flowers.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are perfectly located, as they are right on the edge of Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park. This makes it very easy and convenient for tourists to see and take advantage of both of these fine attractions at the same time. It also makes for beautiful scenery for the people of South Africa.

As far as the attractions of the Botanical Gardens, there are plenty of trails. These are a great way to explore and to experience the full beauty of South African flora. Stone statues are also used and placed in the gardens to help Zimbabwean artists show their work. It’s a great way of supporting them in their endeavors and helps to attract more tourists to the area.

The Botanical Gardens have a very rich history on top of all of the gorgeous flowers and plants that they have. The gardens actually began in 1660 when brambles and wild almond were planted to help the colonists find shade from the hot sun. Later on, in 1823, the area was more formally farmed and many fruit trees, plants, and flowers were placed, as well as vineyards.

The way that the gardens came into possession of the country is that Cecil Rhodes, who owned the land in 1895, chose to give the land to the nation as part of his final will. Because of his generosity, the South African people now have a beautiful garden to share with others and to enjoy for generations.

If you ever get the chance to visit South Africa, Cape Town, and see all of the sites that this fantastic nation has to offer, be sure to check out the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens while you’re there. You are sure to love every minute of it.