PDA Is A Big No-No In An Indian Village

We’ve all borne witness to it, or have been a part of it ourselves at some point in time – public displays of affection, or PDA as it’s commonly referred to. PDA has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation in the past few years thanks to changes in perception and certain instances where it can be inappropriate. But one village in India looks to nip those instances in the bud.

Salvador do Mundo, a village associated with the state of Goa, has gone forward with the banning of kissing in public in addition to other public disturbances. The ban was discussed amongst town leaders earlier in the month before it was placed on a list dealing with other public nuisances. The other nuisances in question? No loud music, and no littering for instance. A deputy official of Salvador do Mundo, Reena Fernandes, spoke to the local press and stated that this was due in part to the request of some people in the town. Salvador do Mundo has grown to be a part of the tourism draw that Goa on a whole has been for many years, due in part to the lasting presence of Hindu temples there as well as a church dating back to the mid-1600’s. Visitors also come to the area to enjoy the Pomburpa springs. The ban on kissing is a response to the lax behavior of some tourists to the region, and is no doubt tied to other activities they may indulge in while in Goa.

This comes on the heels of an initiative led by the state government to push for a ban on wearing suggestive clothing on the beaches of Goa. The campaign began a few weeks ago, and zeroed in on women and their attire, mainly bikinis and skirts. Officials claimed it was a move to preserve and defend Indian culture and chastity. These moves have gotten some support from local residents, but there are a considerable number of people who are concerned that these moves could lead to a drop in the three million tourists on average who visit Goa yearly. And others feel that these moves are silly in relation to other outstanding issues that plague the region.