New York’s Annual Bacon Festivals Approach

What doesn’t say “Good Morning,” “Welcome to the Party,” or “I Love You,” like the warm smells of bacon, or better yet, bacon festivals. New York might be known as the big apple, but they got something better sizzling in the big “melting pot,” and that’s bacon! The city, apart from being as amazing as it already is, decidedly just got a whole lot more awesome with its line of bacon festivals.

Over the course of the year, there are a number of annual festivals in New York, centered on everyone’s favorite pork (or turkey) dish. The hungry, the hefty, and the horny for pork people’s cravings are all satisfied by years end in a number of bacon filled festivals. One that is making headlines recently and is fast approaching is the Zeppelin Hall Bacon festival. Held in the Zeppelin Hall Restaurant and Biergarten in Jersey City, accessed by the Path Train, the festival is kicking off this year, fast approaching from April 2nd to April 19th. The restaurant is outdoing itelf this year with new creative bacon inspired menu items like the new and highly anticipated “Fifty Shades of Bacon BLT”, a sandwich with a staggering, artery testing FIFTY strips of bacon. Another favorite will be the Zeppelin’s huge bacon cheesesteak sandwich filled to the brim with bacon (There actually is no steak, just bacon). They even have bacon for dessert!

But Zeppelin is not the only bacon boathouse in town. There are some other noteworthy bacon festivals that pop up over the year in the New York Area. Held from May 16 & May 17 in Williamsburg, the Great Big Bacon Picnic is an indoor/outdoor gourmet bacon festival extravaganza. They have actually rented out an old factory, Brooklyn style, to house the bacon bonanza. With one ticket, all the glorious bacon is yours, as well as copious spirits and beer for the only over 21 crowd. The festival houses bacon (lets call it art), spirits, and beer, from over 100 chefs, brew masters, and distilleries. With a list of participants that is growing over the years! And attendees will rest easily devouring the goods knowing that ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

There is also the well known Bacon Fest NY which has been in operation since 2012, but there could be no news on this year’s festival found anywhere. Their Twitter and Facebook page have not been updated as of last year. Perhaps they are still in a food coma?