Google Maps Announces Pacman Has Arrived

As tradition goes, internet users can expect something absurd or downright cool from the search giant on every April Fool’s day. This year, Google, one of the most ambitious and forward thinking companies on the planet has gone back a couple decades to dig up a classic game as a cool new playable easter egg within Google Maps. The aforementioned classic game is none other than Pacman. That’s right – you can now go to Google Maps and click on the Pacman icon and immediately turn whatever city you are looking at into Pacman’s arena. Looking at directions for your next trip in Rome? Make sure you play some Pacman while you’re at it – maybe you can eat the Colosseum. If you prefer, you can simply play on the streets of your own neighborhood.

The game works great from desktop and laptop computers but will also function to a lesser extent on mobile devices. Google has dropped a series of hints as to the locales where one can find the Pacman Easter egg inside the mobile app. Check out the Google’s support page for a full list of hints that are currently available.  A few special areas, such as the area around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris will have a Pacman launch button because their layout apparently matches the original layout of Pacman’s arena.

For travel obsessed individuals like myself, Pacman is one further excuse to spend time planning a trip or just exploring the globe instead of getting any actual work done. No end date has been announced, but Google cautions users to get in their fix soon, as Pacman will probably be taking his chomping habits elsewhere shortly.

This is far from the first time that Google has paid homage to the gaming community. For further proof, just go to Google and enter the search query “do a barrel roll” – a classic line from Star Fox 64 and watch what happens in front of your very eyes.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing and go enjoy a re-imagining of one of the most classic games of all time!