Watching Hawks With Webcams In Allendale

The red-shouldered hawk is one of the many types of hawks that exist in our world, and they are unfortunately endangered. Mostly found in North America, these birds are majestic and known as great birds of prey. However, when it comes to being able to learn more about their daily activities and how they build their nests, raise their young, and other issues, it can be difficult if not impossible to study them.
The Fyke Nature Association along with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation, have come up with a plan to help give scientists the ability to study these amazing birds in a very unique way. By using webcam technology to help watch the birds from a distance and record the action, they hope to capture some very special moments.

In Allendale, New Jersey, there are scientists and researchers who have been tracking a family of red shouldered hawks for four years. Ironically, just as they were getting ready to use the marvelous technology that could reveal everything they wanted to know, the birds decided to move their nest and live somewhere else.

Seeing as the plans for the study of these amazing birds has not gone as originally expected, the scientists and researchers involved are understandably a bit disappointed. However, with them being able to track the current hawk family they’ve been studying and waiting patiently for them to settle into their new home, they should still be able to use this great webcam technology to find out amazing things about these birds.

The way that they plan to use the webcam technology is quite interesting. They want to attach an infra-red sensor to the webcam itself so that it can help them see what the hawks are doing during the night. The plan is to attach the webcam to a nearby tree or another discreet object so that the hawks will hopefully be unaware that they are being watched.

While red shouldered hawks may not be entirely understood, there is much that is known about them. They are a medium sized bird, and they enjoy to hunt small rodents and snakes. Their habitats also stretch from California all the way down to Mexico and across the United States to the farthest eastern states. They are usually reddish in color, hence their name and can easily be spotted in the trees that they call home. They are great parents and provide wonderful care for their young by always having one of the parents present while the young one is growing, until it can fly on its own.

The hope for this species is that with the use of this great webcam technology and the patience of these amazing scientists, the secrets of the red shouldered hawk will soon be revealed and the conservation efforts for these magnificent creatures will be brought to the public’s attention.