The Mission For A Cleaner Mount Everest

Thinking of Mount Everest, one usually pictures a majestic mountain towering over the landscape. Nobody ever realizes that Mount Everest is actually being used as a giant junkyard instead of maintaining its beauty. The Swachh Mount Everest Mission, as seen on Outdoor Conservation, is dedicated to working on Mount Everest’s issues and cleaning up all of the trash that has accumulated there.

Swachh Mount Everest Mission

When it was first known that there was so much trash and junk on Mount Everest, there was a significant amount of anger associated with this and people were very disappointed that there would be so much waste on such a historical and culturally significant landmark. Mount Everest is one of the few landmarks that people from all over the world can relate to and thus the whole world poured out its rage at this injustice.

Mount Everest is a beautiful and majestic but the junk that is on it is not. Unfortunately, it appears that the base camp of Mount Everest has suffered greatly from the mistreatment of its visitors. The Swachh Mount Everest Mission is determined to clean it up and maintain this gorgeous mountain for years to come.

Meet the Team

The Team that is involved with the Swachh Mount Everest Mission is made up of a lot of people from the Indian army. They are committed to seeing a cleaner Mount Everest, wanting it cared for. They will begin the cleaning process on April 4th of this year.

There is all kind of junk to be found at the different sites across Mount Everest, such as tents, equipment, packets, and a lot of general mountaineering waste. It is a shame to think that those who want to conquer this renowned mountain would treat it so badly in return.

A Cleaner Mount Everest’s In The Future

The future of Mount Everest looks bright once again now that there will be people who will care for and maintain this beautiful giant. The Swachh Mount Everest Mission, as seen at Explorers Web, is determined to ensure a cleaner Mount Everest and a bright future for it as well. The hope is that once the initial clean-up has been done and more awareness has been raised for this problem, that the people who visit it will no longer throw any trash or junk on it but respect and be in awe of the majesty of this famous world landmark.

Just as the Sphinx and the Taj Mahal have made impacts on the world in their own way, so has Mount Everest. Mount Everest has seen many climbers over the years and has continued to give each of them a challenge. While this mountain is definitely dangerous to consider when climbing and presents its own series of challenges, it should not mean that the mountain itself is neglected and used in this inconsiderate way. All of nature matters, and this mountain is a great representation of what happens when we forget that. Our Earth need us to help clean it up and maintain it. The lives of future generations depend on it. Here’s to a cleaner Mount Everest.

Erik Larson is one of the many adventurers, who loves the challenge Mount Everest provides: