Earth Day 2015 Concert at DC National Mall

The 45th observation of Earth Day 2015 is officially on April 22. However, for those who wish to travel on Saturday, April 18, to the Washington, DC National Mall, there is going to be an entire day’s worth of celebration with a rally and a concert from 11 AM to 7 PM next to the Washington Monument during the Global Citizen Earth Day 2015 event.

Music, Rally to Highlight Earth Day 2015 Event

The free Global Citizen Earth Day 2015 event is sponsored by and Soledad O’Brien and is scheduled to feature top celebrities such as rap singers Usher and Common, as well as singer/songwriter Mary J. Blige, and the lead vocalist of the rock band No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, the music groups Train, Fall Out Boy, and My Morning Jacket.

Along with the Global Citizen Earth Day 2015 concert, there is a rally planned that coincides with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s spring meetings. The rally is a combined effort by the Global Poverty Project to put an end to life-threatening poverty situations. The idea of the two events is meant to help make the people who travel to the area to see the link between the issues of poverty and how it relates to climate change.

Top World, Business Leaders to Speak at Earth Day 2015 Rally
People who travel to Washington, DC, for the Global Citizen Earth Day 2015 concert can also hear several speakers, including United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the president of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim, as well as actor Don Cheadle and music group Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Participants at the rally will be asked to make a commitment to do some sort of “green” act in 2015, such as recycling, planting a tree, etc., and will also be asked to sign petitions for a U.N. conference on climate change, which is scheduled to be held in December in Paris.

New Angry Birds Climate Change Game
Another item to be released during Earth Day 2015 is a partnership with the makers of the extremely popular game, “Angry Birds.” It will be a game based on climate change that is designed to help people to focus more on this world wide issue. The original Angry Birds game has been downloaded billions of times, so the new version is expected to get a lot of play, which could help people to understand climate change better.

Earth Day 2015 is a day when the entire world will be thinking about how we can join in the adventure of making things better here on our planet so that it can be cleaner and greener for future generations. If you can’t make it to the concert and rally in Washington, DC, then be sure to pledge an “act of green” and do something to help our planet Earth.