World Record For Most People Skiing In Bikinis

There are lots of strange Guinness World Records that people try to break, but during the Grelka Fest in Russia this week, at the winter sports resort, Sheregesh, more than 1,800 bikini clad skiers pledged to travel down the mountain and brave the cold weather to set the record for the most people skiing in bikinis and bathing suits.

Bikini Clad Skiers Plan to Break World Record 2013

The bikini clad ladies, along with guys in swim shorts, and a few other women in one-piece suits, were set to break the world record that was set there in 2013. The amount of bikini clad skiers then was only 500, so this time around they would totally smash that number if Guinness World Records officials in Britain accept their video evidence as they must count the skiers that travel down the Siberian mountain who participated in the fun and exciting attempt.

The 2013 world record was set in April, as well. This year people would travel from 54 towns, some in Russia and others much further away, with one participant coming from Paris, France. Guinness officials agreed to let the event take place with some participants wearing one piece swimsuits, and the guys got to wear swimming shorts.

50 Cameras Recorded World Record Breaking Ski Run

According to organizer, Konstantin Koshkin, they used more than 50 different cameras to video the bikini clad skiers swooping down the mountainside in the attempted to break the previous record. Some of the footage was filmed from above, so the Guinness officials would have an easy time counting all the skiers. A video of the event was also posted to YouTube.
Koshkin also said that besides breaking the record and providing a way for people to have some fun, they hoped that the event, which was dubbed the bikini decent, will make more visitors from all over the world want to travel to their festival and resort at Sheregesh in the future.

The bikini clad skiing event’s YouTube video featured lots of views of the resort’s bikini clad skiers as they made their travel racing down the 500-meter ski slope at the Sheregesh Russian winter resort in Siberia, looking like they were having the best times of their lives in this fun and exciting record breaking adventure.

After the bikini clad skiers and all the rest of the swimsuit-wearing crowd of skiers finished their trek down the mountain, the event organizers filed the needed application with the Guinness Book of World Records officials to get their accomplishment registered so it can appear in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Skiing around Christmas in Andorra can’t be quite as cold as the world record-breaking Russian ski debacle: