Thousands In The Path Of Calbuco Volcano

Chile has been the country with one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It’s been dormant for many years and has recently erupted, displacing and placing thousands of people in immediate danger. Calbuco volcano is over six thousand feet and last erupted in 1972. It is considered one of the most dangerous active volcanos in Chile.

Calbuco Volcano, One of Many Volcanoes in Chile

The volcano is located in a town called Calbuco, which is near Puerto Varas and Puerto Mont around 1,000 km south of the capital of Santiago. It erupted for the first time in more than forty years on Wednesday, sending soot and ash traveling high into the atmosphere. Over four thousand people had to be evacuated. Schools and classes as well as businesses were closed, and cancelled around the area. Calbuco volcano has been the most active in Chile, yet still dormant. Chile has the second largest chain of volcanoes in the world, second only to Indonesia.

Thousands In The Path Of Calbuco Volcano - Clapway

The President of Chile is scheduled to make an appearance there on Thursday to assess the damage from the eruption. It’s reported that they have no deaths or missing person reports at this time. Winds blowing northeast were sending the ash traveling towards Argentina. The eruption can be seen from as far away as the Argentina/Chile border. Flights in and out of Chile have been cancelled until further notice.

Damage but No Deaths or Injuries

The Calbuco volcano is expected to start oozing lava, raising the concerns for snow and ice melting that may cause flooding and high water levels in rivers located in the area. Another eruption within a few hours is also likely. The volcano is likely to cause damage to crops, animal feed, tourism, and raise health concerns for the residents in the area. Residents are advised to stay indoors and the government is sending water as it is unknown how much of the local water supply has been contaminated by the falling ash.

Another volcano in Argentina was being watched for the possibility of eruption and those in Argentina have been warned to stay inside until further notice. Most of Chile and parts of Argentina are experiencing trouble with ash and debris from the Calbuco volcano. Emergency personnel are watching the volcano closely, advising residents to stay inside. There have already been two eruptions and there is a possibility of another eruption and emergency crews are on the lookout to inform the country as soon as possible to avoid any injuries or fatalities in the area.

Calbuco volcano activity has caused the evacuation of an area of about 12 miles, and about 4,000 to 5,000 people are being evacuated and assisted. They are informing folks to remain calm and stock up on cash, water, and gasoline. Staying indoors as much as possible is also being recommended, as there is a possibility of a third eruption, as well as a side-effect of troubled breathing due to the heavy ash in the air.

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