Chaos In Nepal As 4,000 Feared Dead

Amid the rubble, chaos, and devastation in Nepal, 4,000 people have now been declared dead since Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The destruction spreads from the small mountain villages to the capital of Katmandu. Most of the rescue efforts have been localized in Nepal’s capital. Rescue workers, military personnel, and citizens search through the rocks and disheveled buildings looking for survivors and/or loved ones still missing. There has been some effort to reach the smaller villages outside of Nepal’s capital, however, rescue efforts are halted or delayed due to an increasing number of aftershocks, landslides, and poor road conditions from the initial earthquake.

Nepal has been a go to destination for those seeking serenity and adventure, but now, chaos is what’s to be found. The country boasts some of the most beautiful, majestic landscapes found in that part of the world, including the awe-inspiring Mount Everest. Mount Everest itself was not exempt from the massive earthquake, Saturday’s disaster has left 18 dead on Everest, mainly due to landslides and avalanches.

Mount Everest has been the home to adventure seekers, looking for a place in the mountaineering hall of fame. Coming off one of the most dangerous expedition years in 2014, Everest’s distinct volatile nature remains with last weekend’s tragedy. The scenes from Everest base camp are utterly chaotic and horrific, a place once known as an adventurer’s dream has now become a nightmare. Aftershocks have reached approximately 100 with some registering force of what some would call another earthquake. The highest marked aftershock was 6.7 and it has shattered several attempts to rescue those trapped within the already horrific moment.

Many adventurers who have traveled to Nepal in search of the next great ascent or bucket list travel adventure have fled to safer areas, far from the falling buildings and failing infrastructure. Chaos has also ensued, as thousands of Nepalese begin to escape the city with their loved ones. The sadness of  the 4,000 deceased has overcome those still desperately searching for their family members in Katmandu. The search continues as Nepal’s entire army attempts rescue and recovery missions despite ongoing tremors, landslides, and falling debris in the city. What will be next for Nepal’s adventure tourism and travel industry? They must rebuild, but first recover something so distant since Saturday.

Meet adventurer Chris Keeling in this video. He is the top mountain biker in Nepal, enjoying Mount Everest’s mountains prior to this tragic event: