Smart Luggage For Travelers Now In Development

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you travel is losing your suitcase. Thus, Samsung and Samsonite are now working together to design smart luggage for travelers.

The partnership between Samsonite and Samsung will undoubtably make travel easier. Mobile notification and tracking methods (GPS tracking, anti-theft alerts, and warnings if you get too far away from your luggage) are just some of the functionalities users can anticipate.

In fact, Samsonite is even working alongside airlines to develop smart luggage for travelers that can check itself into the flight, weigh itself, and inform the airline about your destination. If things work out as planned, your smart luggage might even follow you around the airport through self-propulsion. No more dragging around heavy bags and hurting your back!

Smart Luggage for Travelers to have GPS
Smart luggage is expected to be complete with microchips, somewhat similar to the GPS systems currently found in mobile phones. The features would allow luggage to call you or send a message to your mobile phone to inform you it is on its way out of the luggage carousel. The bag will even be able to warn user if someone is trying to open it up and steal something.

Smart luggage for travelers would also have a small motor with a remote control. In this way, you can have your suitcases follow you while you travel through the airport, hotel or any other destination. So far, the prototypes of the engines are too large, but according to the developers, they are working hard producing a smaller version to bring the product to a reality in the near future.

Samsonite is also talking with several airlines, such as KLM, Air France, Emirates, and Lufthansa, to produce a working model of smart luggage that would be able to identify its owners. This would help travelers avoid that long check-in line at the airport. Travelers would also be able to specifically program the microchip in their suitcases. A special code will then  provided to users so that they would know what is going on with their bags at all times.

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