Plains Area Tornadoes Cause Injuries, Bad Damage

Plains area tornadoes injured people and laid ruin to many homes as they made their travel across cities in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas Wednesday night. No deaths have been reported in any of the three states and the worst of the damage so far is reported to be in the Oklahoma City region, according to National Weather Service meteorologists.

Oklahoma cities of Bridge Creek, Blanchard and Amber are said to have suffered most of the damage, including flipped cars, downed power lines and destroyed houses. Reports indicate there may have been two tornadoes that made travel through the south side of the Oklahoma City region.

A zoo in Grady County in Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City was additionally hit by the plains area tornadoes, sparking concerns that some of the resident animals could be roaming around in the area. However, all of the animals are safe and have now been accounted for.
People were also evacuated from the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City. The airport is reported to have some water damage, but isn’t closed. However, anyone with travel plans in the Oklahoma region should check with their airline to see if there are any delays or cancellations to their flights.

Plains Area Tornadoes Hurt Residents, Bring on Flooding

After the devastation caused by the plains area tornadoes, at least 12 people living in a trailer park in South Oklahoma City were reported to have been taken to local hospitals with injuries and another six in other parts of the area with some injuries being serious. No deaths were reported. In addition, this part of the city received at least six inches of rain, thus causing massive flooding and a flash flood emergency warning for the first time ever in its history.

The plains area tornadoes also hit Nebraska, where about 15 houses were damaged around the areas of Grand Island, Hardy and Ruskin, which are near the Kansas line. Nine separate plains area tornadoes were said to have hit Kansas, including a big one near Republic and in Harvey County. Barns and more homes were damaged in those areas.

More Tornadoes, Storms Anticipated in Affected Areas

The Storm Prediction Center has warned that more storms are likely to travel to the area later in the week and that there are also worries of more flooding. People are advised to keep watch on weather conditions and remain prepared. The National Weather Service has also gotten reports of a new daily record rainfall at the Oklahoma City airport, which measured 7.1 inches, more than twice the old record of only 2.61 inches. This caused more flood warnings to be issued in the region, as well as rescue crews needing to make several water rescues. Anyone in the affected area of the plains area tornadoes should be watchful and have a plan of action should more storms travel into the region later this week.