Tornadoes Kill And Injure In Arkansas, Texas

Several raging storms, as well as tornadoes kill and injure several in Arkansas and Texas on Sunday. Two people living in separate mobile homes were killed in Nashville, Arkansas, when more than one tornado was reported as striking the town, according to reports on KSLA-TV.

At least one person was killed by the storms in Eastland County, Texas, and 20 or more others were injured in Van, Texas, due to the storms and tornadoes in these areas, and several others were missing, according to reports from KLSA-TV.

Dozens of people were taken to hospitals after being injured in the storms. In the Dallas area, authorities are going door to door to look for possible injured or missing individuals. Officials in other cities in the surrounding areas are doing the same, as well as assessing the damage and destruction in their areas.

Tornadoes Kill And Injure, Damage Homes and Property in Several Areas

The Weather Channel reported that several regions were hit by the series of tornadoes and severe storms. Other storms may still hit the area in the next few days, according to the meteorologists. Conditions exist for possible damaging storms and flooding as well, so residents should be wary and continue to watch the Weather Channel or their local news for details.

Tornadoes kill and injured people, and did major damage and destruction to many homes and businesses along their routes of travel. The storms were reported to have destroyed or damaged dozens of homes, knocked down power lines, torn down trees, and more. In the town of Van, Texas, it is reported that nearly a third of the town received damage, and thousands more are without power there and in other areas hit by the storms.

Other Tornado Damage, Storm Threats

The National Guard is reported to have made helicopter rescues of four adults and one child in Denton County, Texas, that were stuck on a rooftop in Krum trying to escape flood water. In another area, Lake City, Iowa, a possible tornado ripped the roof off a local high school while 150 students, family and faculty were at a baccalaureate and senior awards ceremony. In addition, floods and other problems affected other surrounding areas, and meteorologists forecasted the possibility of more tornadoes and storms from Michigan to Indiana and south to Texas. The National Weather Service advises residents to be aware of storms that can turn into the kind of tornadoes that kill and injure and cause damage.

May 10th was a dangerous and damaging day for tornadoes in several states, including Texas, Arkansas and more. Tornadoes kill and injure people when they travel through populated areas and residents must be wary and prepared by listening to weather reports in their respective areas.