Luxurious West Coast Train Transports In Style

If you reside on the west coast, plan on taking a long-deserved trek from California to Nevada and looking to raise the bar on your train commuting experience, look no further than this luxurious west coast train!

Connected to an Amtrak train is a 1958 Pullman railway carriage ( that transports its passengers from Reno to Oakland. This elegant track option not only gives its commuters the privacy they’ll surely need on a big trip but also the proper hospitality they deserve in the process.

This special rail service is ran by none other than Uncommon Journeys, a company that puts its primary focus on unorthodox travel packages for those looking to take a trip either by or ocean. The on-the-ground ground goldmine being offered by the self-proclaimed “Nation’s Leading Purveyor” for travelers is available at a fairly reasonable rate of $195.

Passengers aboard this luxurious railcar can indulge in not only on the finest of high-end eats, but also partake in some cocktails at its open bar. To top that off, travelers will also be presented with fresh roses on their dining tables; a lovely touch for that special someone.

Interestingly enough, the one-way track’s roots run deep with history, as it’s the very first railroad track that Abraham Lincoln himself brought into law. For those that fancy the outdoors, the luxurious railcar offers up its users a 360-degree breathtaking view of the outdoors through its glass dome structure.

Nature loving or not, the rest and relaxation offered in this luxurious railcar will undoubtedly have commuters that can afford it wishing they have made the decision to not take the open road sooner.

The luxurious west coast train experience is quite similar to that of the train commute Golden Age.

This was a time when train companies each had their own flagship train that provided customers with top-of-the-line amenities and various other uncommon perks.

Uncommon Journey is mostly known for the operation of its three private rail carriages that travel to U.S. destinations such as Los Angeles and Houston, amongst others. Interesting to note, the company runs more specialty and private trains than any other travel operator in North America.