Harriet Tubman On The Twenty?

After collecting more than 600,000 votes for their cause, the socially conscious non-profit group Women On 20s has announced that the public wants Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill instead of the former president, Andrew Jackson. After the election was finished on May 12, 2015, the group sent a petition to President Barack Obama seeking to persuade him and the Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew, to put Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill before 2020, to give honor to the centennial of the women’s suffrage movement.

Why Should Andrew Jackson Not Be On The Twenty Dollar Bill?

Andrew Jackson was a power hungry, cruel, and polarizing leader. He established the brutal and unfair Indian Removal Act, which allowed destructive groups of settlers to legally push the Indians off of their land through violent means. This led to the Trail of Tears, which is one of the greatest tragedies in American history. He also ignored the Supreme Court in their ruling of Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia, which gave them sovereignty, by allowing people to persecute the Cherokees. Finally, he ended the Bank of the United States because it was not financially beneficial to him as a wealthy land and slave owner.

What Did Harriet Tubman Do That Andrew Jackson Didn’t?

Harriet Tubman, AKA “Moses”, came from the poorest background possible, being born to slave parents. She didn’t have schooling, and was thought to be illiterate, yet she was able to lead hundreds of slaves as they traveled the Underground Railroad. She was also very clever and tricked hunters who were looking for her by pretending to read. Finally, she was a devout patriot, who worked several jobs for the Union Army during the Civil War. She is the embodiment of American heroism, bravery, adventure, and it would be an honor to have Harriet Tubman on the twenty d0llar bill.

Could This Actually Happen?

Is it a reality that we see Harriet Tubman on the twenty d0llar bill? The group thinks so. If it happens that we see Harriet Tubman on the twenty d0llar bill, it will be a day when we can honor women and their contributions to this country. Has the US seen anyone braver than Harriet Tubman? Has anyone advanced equality more than Harriet Tubman? Has anyone overcome more adversity to achieve greatness than Harriet Tubman? Let’s support this organization and make it happen that we see Harriet Tubman on the twenty d0llar bill.