Hundreds Of Migrants Denied Entry To Malaysia

There was more than 800 migrants denied entry to Malaysia this week as Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi tells reporters that the country has treated them humanely, but can’t have the fleeing immigrants overflowing into their shore because they don’t have the funds or resources to take them in.

The migrants denied entry to Malaysia were trying to travel from Myanmar and Bangladesh to escape poverty and persecution. They have been landing in places like Malaysia and Indonesia during the past few weeks and several hundred or more are thought to still be floating around on small, unseaworthy boats having been abandoned by human traffickers with very little water or food.

Migrants Denied Entry to Malaysia are Mostly Rohingya Muslims

Most of the migrants denied entry into Malaysia are Rohingya Muslims, a small minority group in Myanmar, which is mostly a Buddhist country. They are not allowed to be citizens there and are not seen as a legitimate ethnic people even though there are more than a million of them living there. Many are killed or displaced every year, thus causing thousands of them to travel across the ocean to try to reach other places to live.

Reports say that Indonesia and Thailand also refused to allow the immigrants to enter their countries, according to the UN High Commission for Refugees. The Commission has warned the world that these migrants denied entry are at risk of their lives and are thus considered an example of one of the most persecuted peoples.

Migrants Denied Entry Considered a Crisis

During the mass fleeing of the migrants, thousands have been rescued by various countries in the area, while thousands more are still stranded in their boats on the ocean. According to reports, in the past three years over 120,000 people have gotten onto these small boats to try to travel to other countries from places in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is said to be hosting more than 150,000 people seeking asylum, with most of them coming from Myanmar and about 45,000 of them being Rohingya, according to the UN, which is more than nearly any other place. According to the executive director of the human rights group, Fortify Rights, this is a very serious crisis and governments need to find a way to protect and aid the migrants denied entry and all others seeking help. Thailand was to hold an emergency meeting in Bangkok later in the month to discuss the crisis of the migrants denied entry into Malaysia and other countries. Agents from 15 countries, including representatives from the United States and Australia were projected to be present at the meeting.