Apple Buys Maps From Coherent Navigation

People travel every day all over the world and many of them use GPS and computer mapping programs to get where they need to go. Soon, Apple users will be getting better service as Apple buys maps to make the GPS company, Coherent Navigation one of its newest acquisitions, so they can make improvements in their current navigation systems.

Apple Inc. has announced its purchase of Coherent Navigation, which is a GPS related business. Reports say that the actual amount of money Apple spent to buy the firm has not been disclosed, but it is known that the CEO of Coherent Navigation, as well as several of its workers have already been working for Apple, Inc. as of the past few months to work the deal.

Apple Buys Maps to Make System More Accurate, Precise

The Coherent Navigations business provides a unique method of producing its GPS signals for people to travel by using a combination of customary data from mid-earth orbiting GPS satellites and information from satellites that travel in a lower orbit from the voice and data provider, Iridium.

By combining these two sources of navigation data, there is reportedly more accuracy. GPS coordinates offer data to users that is so accurate that it is within a few inches of the requested travel location.

Apple Buys Maps to Help it Compete

Analysts say that currently, Apple’s systems of mapping and navigation have been poor and inferior to their competitors, thus making it difficult for it to compete with its rivals like Google Maps. Google Maps is still considered the dominant company when it comes to mapping applications, according to ComScore ( data. They reported that more than twice the number customers who own and use iPhones for their travel and mapping needs used Google Maps.

Their data shows that as of February 2015, the Apple maps got only about 22 percent of the business of travel needs, and that is part of the reason that Apple buys maps like those from Coherent Navigations to help its customers get improved service. Coherent Navigations is not the first purchase of a mapping system that Apple has bought in order to help it better compete with its rivals.

Some of its other purchases include: BroadMap, and Embark, as well as Locationary, and Hop Stop and WifiSLAM. Specialists say that the unique features of Coherent Navigation should help Apple, Inc. better compete with not only Google Maps, but also with its other rivals like Yahoo Maps, along with Bing from Microsoft and with Wikipedia’s WikiMapia and Nokia Maps.

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