Pollution In Paris Bigger Concern In Metro

While so much attention is given to car pollution in the atmosphere, recent research has discovered that there’s more of a problem with underground pollution in Paris than that found above ground. Scientists measured the presence of particulate matter—otherwise known as PM10—in the metro, and compared it to the matter’s presence in the atmosphere of the périphérique—the busy highway that surrounds Paris, and revealed that the air in the metro is four times as harmful. While this is a major problem for tourists, and native Parisians, this is deadly for train conductors, who have been given face masks by the Trade Union CFDT. They are wearing the masks to protect themselves, and also raise awareness about this environmental problem.

Pollution In Paris Bigger Concern In Metro - Clapway

How Does The Government Combat Pollution In Paris?

In response to a nationwide smog epidemic, the French government has taken interesting and drastic measures to address their environmental concerns. Recently, Parisian leaders led initiatives to reduce the amount of drivers on the road by forbidding all cars with license plates that terminated in odd numbers. In addition, on Friday, March 20th, Parisian Mayor Anne Hidalgo urged citizens to ditch their cars for public transportation by making it free for the day. These ideas may sound far-fetched, but it’s measures such as these that have fostered awareness regarding the issue of smog and air pollution in Paris, showing that it is each individual’s responsibility to do as they can.

Can You Avoid The Pollution In Paris When You Travel?

Paris is among the globe’s most frequented cities with tourists visiting from all over the world, and because of this, pollution is impossible to wholly avoid, but there are things we can do to avoid high levels of PM10 in the metro. Firstly, Paris has an amazing bus system. Taking the bus enables visitors to breathe more easily, while also remaining above ground to see the sites. A second method is the bike rental system called Velib, which has over twenty-thousand bikes in easily accessible stations all over the city. And the final method is the simplest, easiest, and probably the most enjoyable one for everyone: walking. The area of the city of Paris within the périphérique is surprisingly small, and very easy to travel with your feet. Get a map and explore this city without having to go underground and face that isolated pollution.

Pollution In Paris Bigger Concern In Metro - Clapway

Because this city, the one of light, love, and romance, is all of ours to cherish, it is all our responsibility to make sure the pollution in Paris does not worsen. Buses, bikes, and walking are ways we can all do out part to keep this great city beautiful.

Pollution In Paris Bigger Concern In Metro - Clapway