More Biker Gang Violence Possible In Waco

Waco, Texas could become the scene of more biker gang violence after the deadly shootout last week at the Twin Peaks restaurant that killed 9, injured 18 and ended up with almost 200 bikers arrested.

Local police say that the deadly altercation occurred after an uninvited rival bike gang showed up to a planned meeting with other area biker gangs at the Twin Peaks restaurant. After that, the biker gang violence started and soon there was fighting, shooting, stabbing and other altercations going on inside and outside of the restaurant, according to Waco police.

Biker Gang Violence Caused Threats Against Law Enforcement

Since the incidence, threats have been made against the law enforcement, according to a police spokesperson. Although they have died down within the last day, police were still present near the Twin Peaks restaurant in case any rival bike gangs, like Bandidos and Cossacks, start causing problems. It is believed that they will travel to the area in order to attend the funerals of the bikers killed in the Twin Peaks incident, as well as protect other gang members and stand in for those who died or are in jail.

Biker Gang Violence Not Likely To End in the Area

In fact, a memo put out by the Texas Joint Crime Task Force warns about the increased incidences of biker gang violence in Texas. These biker gangs usually carry weapons such as guns, chains, knives, clubs and others.

According to the task force, biker gangs enjoy these wars and also take things like their territories very seriously. While they are likely to back off for the moment, they say that these gangs may cause harm at a future date with little or no warning.

In fact, the U.S. Justice Department describes the Bandidos biker gang, for instance, as a threat that is growing and likely to spark more biker gang violence. The gang has more than 2,000 bikers and operates in not just the US, but in 14 other countries. However, Waco law authorities say that if any more violence erupts, they are ready to handle the problem.

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