U.S.: Beluga Whales Sighted Off Long Island

Residents and others who are near Long Island Sound may get a special treat as three young beluga whales sighted there appear to be hanging around the area. The three beluga whales’ travel is being tracked by the Animal Rescue Program at the Mystic Aquarium.


Rescue Organization Ready if Needed

The Animal Rescue Program helps stranded or injured whales and other animals and they are telling people to stay away from the three beluga whales sighted and not get too close with their boats or bodies. The beluga whales sighted are very curious, according to the aquarium, and they have had reports of the whales rubbing up against some of the boats in the area. They advise boaters to turn off propellers if they see the whale so they won’t be injured.


Beluga Whales Sighted are Normally Seen in Canada

The three beluga whales sighted are believed to be young males, and they are likely coming from the St. Lawrence Estuary in Canada and may have been following some sort of food source. However, according to scientists, the Connecticut area is not their normal habitat, so it is not sure where the whales will travel or what they might do while they are in the area.


People Are Warned Not to Bother the Beluga Whales Sighted

The Animal Rescue Program scientists say that while it is exciting to see the beluga whales sighted, as not many people get to see them in the wild, people should just take photos from a distance of 150 feet and not try to interact or get close to the whales. The group plans to monitor the travel of the whales and will help them if they need it. They are asking the public to call the aquarium if they see the trio.

The beluga whales sighted were first seen on May 10. They are all less than eight feet long, which shows that they are not full grown, as most beluga whales can grow to between 13 and 20 feet long. The last time the beluga whales sighted were reported seen was by the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation on Friday.

The beluga whales sighted are being seen from time to time in the area of the Narragansett Bay or Long Island Sound and they appear to be making their way southeast. If anyone sees them, they should make a report to the Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program officials, so that they can continue to monitor the animals’ health and safety.