New Species of Firefly Found by Undergrad in California

New version of your glow-in-the-dark friend found by undergrad student

Recently, a new species of firefly was discovered in Southern California by an undergraduate, Joshua Oliva, while he was collecting specimens for his semester insect collection. The discovery was announced by the Entomology Research Museum at the University of California in Riverside yesterday. The find was confirmed by head of the museum, Doug Yanega after the student brought it to him.
More info about Doug Yanega can be found in an interview with about his work.


Sometimes, having a good eye counts

After the undergraduate collected the insect, he was not entirely sure it was a firefly so brought it to Yanega to see if it was. The latter being familiar with the area, knew after seeing the specimen the undergraduate had found something new, much to the joy of the undergraduate. The find sure to make a nice notch in his student and life career.

Why the announcement?

The habitat in which the specimen was found may require some form of protection as the inquiry to find more about this new species of firefly becomes more and more intensive. But discovering a new species in the insect world is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact every year several new species of insects are found. This new species of firefly will end up being another bug to add to the list for the end of the year roundup.

Experts at the University of Florida also agree with Yanega that the specimen is a new species of firefly.

Although despite the discovery a name for the new species of firefly has not been discussed, as the naming hinges on the evidence gathered on the species. The process of collecting data and the naming may take several years. But it is not unusual to have the species named after the person who first discovered a specimen.
Already, some information has been gathered about the new species of firefly, and it is only a matter of time before all is known about the specimen and a name is given to it.



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