Can Cool Selfies Kill You?

Some people always found selfies annoying while others have been caught by the craze this trend created. However, the problem is not the irritation too many “next-level selfies” can transmit to some of you, but the danger they come with.

This might sound insane, but the Russian government takes the issue more serious than most people could imagine.

The government in Russia became aware of the danger involved in taking selfies, after, according to official statistics, in 2015, 10 deaths and 100 injuries resulted from people eager to take “next-level selfies”. This is the reason why, in Russia, a campaign created to set of ground rules for safe selfies started.

For many people, the guidelines issued by the Russians might seem hilarious, but they this is taken quite serious by their government.


The infographics contained by the guide they released are similar to road sign and warn people against taking selfies on rooftops, with wild animals or with exposed live wires.

Even though the images will make many of you laugh, most of them are based on real incidents. For example, a girl died while trying to take a picture of herself on railway tracks, and a 21-year-old girl from Moscow shot herself in the head by mistake while taking a selfie with a weapon.

There is also evidence that a few boys died when they pulled a pin from a grenade in order to achieve “next-level seflies”.

The Russian government tries to involve as many people as possible in this campaign. They created a dedicated section on their website where everybody is able to share real situations where taking selfies put people’s life in danger. In addition, own illustration can be uploaded.

As funny as these guidelines might seem, dangerous selfies are real and their presences is not felt only in Russia. The Russian campaign can become globally accepted and the ground rules promoted by them might educate all people who are in search for adventurous selfies, taking unnecessary risks for the useless purpose of Facebook or Twitter showing off.


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