Polar Bears Will Soon Disappear From Earth Forever

Our White Ice-Loving Friends are Disappearing

The concerns about the ever rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and constant warnings about global warming making their way into everyday news and our lives, it is no surprise that bears inhabiting the arctic regions are now suffering as a result. The extent of the damage done to the Polar Bears may mean they’ll soon be gone in a scant few years.

In the Blink of an Eye, the Polar Bears Will Be Gone

No one wants to see our white furry friends go. That’s why the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has responded to the declining population of the polar bears by drafting up a conservation plan to save them, or at least minimize their losses. The draft of the conservation effort can be found here on which it lists that number of polar bears that are present across the northern arctic tundra is lower than what one would expect. The number concerns many who are keeping an eye on the population.
The one factor that accounts for most of the reason for their declining population is a changing, warming climate, and all its complications and consequences, including rising sea levels and the melting of the polar ice caps. Under the final rule on the ESA listing of the Polar Bear back in 2008 as a threatened species, it states that the species is on the brink of becoming an endangered species should the loss of habitat continue.

What exactly is the plan to save them?

With efforts to severely limit the amount of greenhouse gases that is emitted by the U.S every year, efforts to save the polar bear are underway. However, this is not happening without some rebuking and chiding of the EPA on their power plant rule, for reasons relating to the standing foundations of government powers by the Constitution that the rule overstepped. The clock is ticking now to see how successful efforts to save the polar bears turn out.

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