15-Year-Olds Able to Have Sex Change Surgery Without Parental Consent

Due to recent transgender issues, which appear to be in the spotlight lately, it seems that Oregon began supporting state-subsidized sex change surgery.

But this is not what started raising a lot of questions and problems.

What surprised most of the population was that these subsidized sex change operations seem to be available to 15-year-olds, without parental consent. Therefore, an impressive number of complaints concerning the age of the teens, allowed the big change without consent, have started to appear.

What Exactly Are the New Sex Change Rules?

In accordance with the declarations offered, the new rules are actually meant to protect the teenagers who encounter certain problems, and ensure that all patients have access to appropriate medical care, regardless of age or condition.

What is Gender Dysphoria?

What this says is that the new guidelines were created to help young people with gender dysphoria. This is a condition that some transgender people experience, when their expressed gender does not match the gender they were born with. And, since many people appear to have this problem, support — which is now not only offered but also covered by the state — will be given to young people who go might be going through quite some difficulty.

How Easy Will Teenager Be Able to Have Sex Change Operations?

The new rule doesn’t specifically include teenagers who are 15 years old, but, since the medical age of consent in Oregon is 15, any medical rule written in Oregon automatically includes any patient 15 or over.

However, in many other states, including Oregon, agreement from a mental health provider and one from a physician are needed, in order to offer treatment to a patient who has gender dysphoria.

When it comes to a transition surgery the process is even more complicated. The procedure requires four medical providers to agree with offering consent and therapies since the patient’s transition process is extremely difficult.

Therefore, even with a rule that seems to be allowing teenagers to have sex change surgeries, the procedure is far from being approved immediately. However, the true issue created by such a rule is much deeper than it appears, since such a surgery can be too much — even for adults. According to a range of studies, adults who have such surgeries have the tendency to become even more depressed or suicidal after they changed their gender.


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