Japan to Continue Killing Whales

Image: werner22brigitte

It appears like Japan does not really care about the global ban on whales. It has been reported that they will continue their hunting of them after a 365-day drought. They seem convinced about the idea that whales don’t deserve to live. It has been announced that they will only do it, however, on a limited level and it will not be a full on whale killing spree.

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There are many environmental groups and various governments that completely disagree with what Japan is doing. The UK and Australian governments spoke out about what they are doing and discussed their feelings about what they are doing and they were not very nice comments. Many people do not see the need of killing these whales, but it just does not seem like they care that much.

It has been reported that Japan is already getting their whaling boats set and ready to sale. It is also said that they will be back in the oceans in a week or two. Japan has gone on record and explained how their killing of whales is merely scientific, but does that explain why they are reportedly getting eaten? This seems fishy, no pun intended, and it does not seem they are giving the full insight.


The big question that needs to be asked is why on earth Japan can hunt whales? It is said that there is a global ban on them, so how are they getting around this? It is possible that the ban has a statement for this, but it seems odd they can be allowed to do it. They had a huge drought as it was announced that they had not hunted them for a whole year, but that must not have meant much because they are instantly back at it again. This all seems wrong, but obviously nobody is stopping Japan because they have announced their about ready to kill whales again and nothing has happened to stop them.