Microsoft Skype is Ahead of FaceTime Again?

Microsoft Skype is Ahead of FaceTime Again? Clapway

Microsoft is finally unveiling their plugin-free Skype version. It will be available in a limited capacity. It could be beneficial to a large majority of Microsoft Edge users. The plugin-free version will allow Microsoft Edge users to make calls via Skype, One Drive, Office Online and Outlook. With little need to install any additional software. And they are still looking for ways to improve the versions to come. But it may appear to be better in theory than in practice. What does this mean for FaceTime?

The Microsoft Edge Plug-In Free Advantage

Once Microsoft Edge becomes more compatible and available, it may forever change the Skype experience. Users will be able to make calls and have video chats on a variety of platforms. This could make FaceTime less appealing. Consumers may opt for technology that is easier to use, without purchasing high priced Apple products. But a plug-in free version may be far from user ready.

It Takes Two Edge Users to Tango?

The limited availability of the plug-in free version has a lot to do with current compatibility. Currently, a plug-in is required for group calls. A plug-in is also necessary for calls to landlines and mobile phones. The only solution to theses woes is if two Microsoft Edge users engage in a call. Another disadvantage to the plug-in free version is WebRTC. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are not yet supported. Microsoft is working with these browsers to align forces for a plug-in free Skype, but it may take some time.

Is Skype Truly Ahead of FaceTime?

The debate between which is better, Skype or FaceTime, really depends on product choice. Skype is Microsoft compatible, making usability optimal. But it has IOS version usability limitations. Making FaceTime a preferred choice among IOS users. One big benefit of using Skype is it can be installed onto any device. On the other hand, FaceTime is solely for Apple products. Many Apple product enthusiasts use both. And they find Skype optimal for business, while FaceTime remains more suitable for pleasure. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has in store for the near future.