Earth Could Destroy This Secret Alien Planet

Earth Could Destroy This Secret Alien Planet Clapway

Is earth in danger of being bombed by an alien planet? It is possible, but maybe not by the hands of alien beings. Rather a planet that hurls comets and asteroids toward earth. And this may not be the first time the mysterious alien planet has done so. It may have been the cause of the mass extinction event that occurred on earth roughly 26 million years ago. Or this is all complete nonsense. Either way, it might be motivation enough to check those last bucket list items off.

Science Behind Alien Planet

Daniel Whitmire at the University of Louisiana has said a new planet named Planet Nine is the culprit. It was discovered at the edge of the solar system in January. And may have caused an asteroid and comet bombing with earth in its crosshairs. Whitmire said that Planet Nine passed through an asteroid field called the Kuiper Belt. Which may be responsible for the possible event. There are also reports of a space scientist confirming similar events that happened in the past. Rumored that a mass extinction by the mystery planet could happen again. And within the month.

Not the First Asteroid Threat for Earth

An asteroid with Armageddon proportions passed by earth last December. Asteroid 163899 is a massive asteroid capable of causing a mass extinction event if it collided with earth. And NASA continues to watch it as it moves. Since asteroid 163899 will make four more passes. But NASA is confident that it will not enter the danger zone for at least two more centuries. Which is slightly comforting.

Would Officials Warn the Public of an Impact?

If there were an asteroid bombing flung toward earth by some mysterious alien planet, it probably wouldn’t be on the evening news. Such a disaster would cause complete lawless panic among the population of the world. It would essentially be a free pass to do whatever you would like. No consequences to suffer. Only those in an elite circle would be privy to such delicate information. The rest of the world may see a flash of light while reading the morning news and drinking a cup of coffee. You might want to dust off your bucket list. Because claims predict impact for this month. Just in time for Earth Day.