iPhone 7 Storage and Sharing: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

iPhone 7 Storage and Sharing: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

The iPhone 7 has been under fire with rumors circling about its not so new features. Many are saying that the iPhone 7 launch feels more like an “s” model upgrade, rather than the traditional two-year wow factor from Apple. The next iPhone may not be such a flop as foretold, boasting a few rumored and/or leaked information about its new features, such as design changes, new home button, and no more headphone jack. However, some things never change, like storage and sharing, which is now not so important. Because there are now small storage and sharing devices you can purchase, offering more options and saving you money.

Purchase an iPhone with Lower Storage

Why spend more on 128GB when you can get four times more storage for much less than half the cost? Enter Kratos, the future of storage and sharing. The Kratos is a wireless storage and sharing device that offers up to 512GB to consumers, without paying massive prices for factory storage. A 128GB 6Plus is, roughly, $200 more than its 16Gb version. For $60, you can get 265GB compatible with iOs, Mac OS, Android and Windows.

Share with Any Device

The Kratos storage device also allows you to share your iPhone files, photos and music with any device, Android, Windows, or Apple. This may be appealing to consumers since sharing between an iPhone and Android device would be wonderful. Especially if there is no Wi-Fi available, and you need to get something shared fast and easy.

One Touch Backup

You can backup all of your files, photos, and videos by simply pushing a button. This is great if you have doubts about the cloud or trust issues with offsite storage. Microsoft OneDrive users may find this feature appealing due to their storage decrease from 15GB to 5GB for home and personal users.

Support Five Products with One

Most people don’t simply have an iPhone. The innovative technology people collect ranges from Laptop, iPad, iPod, IPhone, Tablet, Android, among others, and often mixed. The new Kratos wireless storage device can support five products, all in one small package.

More Space for Your Money, Hands Down

There is no denying that the iPhone 7 will be in fact pricey. You may not want to simply upgrade and extend your provider contract. You could, however, purchase an iPhone 7 with less storage and add an external storage device, like Kratos, to keep your phone running at full capacity.