NASA Found Life on Pluto

NASA Found Life on Pluto Clapway

Say what you will about the dwarf like object known as Pluto, but it’s certainly filled with mystery. NASA’s New Horizons observed some fascinating qualities from their flyby back in July 2015 suggesting the planet may behave more like a planet that previously anticipated.


NASA’s New Horizon’s cruised through the Plutonian system in July 2015. Among many acts of data collecting, the spacecraft’s solar wind instrument measure what happens when particles coming from the sun interact with the atmosphere on Pluto. Scientists assumed it would be a scaled down comet-like interaction. Instead, what they saw was solar wind deflecting abruptly relatively close to the surface, resembling planet-like behavior.


Scientists say this type of interaction on the planet has never bee seen anywhere else in the solar system. The fact that Pluto can maintain a gravitational pull on a good deal of its thin atmosphere has surprised NASA and others. Besides Earth, that quality just isn’t found on other planets. Pluto was once thought to be a meaningless rock of ice on the outer reaches of our solar system, but with discoveries like this, it may have more potential than anyone thought.


The debate continues to wage on over Pluto’s status. In 2006, it was downgraded to a dwarf planet, but experts are still trying to figure out just what the heck it is. NASA sure hasn’t helped with their latest discovery either. Now no one can tell if it’s a comet, a planet or dwarf planet. For now, it seems like NASA and friends will deem the planet a hybrid. Given the history of it, that will surely change. New Horizons continues to bring back fascinating data that continues to unveil the secret of the Plutonian system. Whatever weird mysteries arise will be dealt with accordingly. Maybe it will be enough for us to let it back into our solar system as the 8th planet once again.