Pluto Aliens Live Under Ice

Pluto Aliens Live Under Ice Clapway

NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft has released a new set of data revealing pure water under the ice of Pluto’s moon Hydra. The watery environment could lend itself very well to supporting the life of aliens.


Back in 2005, scientists discovered a tiny moon circling around Pluto. It was dubbed Hydra, but little did scientists know that the name would become so fitting later on. New Horizons spacecraft, the NASA probe that flew by the Plutonian system last summer continues to deliver fascinating data. The latest of his involves Pluto’s planet Hydra and its composition. It turns out that Hydra is covered in pristine water ice, which explains its reflective qualities. The weirdly clean ice is seen all over the surface of Hydra thanks to New Horizon’s images. For those following the Pluto drama, the discovery of this water ice itself is not that surprising. It’s been found all over the Plutonian system, however, Hydra has some next level purity going on.


The fact that Hydra seems to have advanced snow purity on its surface makes it shine brighter than Pluto  other moons. Some scientists believe micrometeorites impact continually refresh the surface of the moon by blasting off contaminants. Sure, that’s one possibility, but perhaps some neat-freak aliens are real to blame. All jokes aside, the fact that there is water under the ice of Hydra opens up a realm of possibilities. Yes, even aliens may become a reality here.


As New Horizons continues to travel even deeper into the Kuiper belt, we here on Earth will continue to unravel the secrets of the universe. Just the fact that these moons contain water is a major discovery. Water, as we all know, is a breeding ground for life. The possibility of aliens existing in some shape or form in that environment is quite possible. Just look at our own oceans for example. We hardly even know what kind of undiscovered sea aliens exist down in the depths of our own planet. It’s not fair to rule out that same chance out in space.